5 dos and don’ts reading a sales resume

Sales resume: Don’t be fooled

85 Percent of Job Applicants Lie on Resumes.

The word lie may be strong but people definitely embellish




5 Items we teach to look for or not on a resume.

  1. Is there a pattern? Do they leave their past job at the same time of the year? Maybe they leave right after getting there a bonus? Do they have seasonal depression?
  2. Is there a lot of administrative work? Why? We need them selling.
  3. Are there some grammatical errors? SO WHAT. We need people who can sell not spell.
  4. Can they explain their process for success as stated on their resume? They grew business, they were in the top 10%, etc.
  5. How much new business did they generate? Can they discuss a breakdown of their sales revenues?


Below is a sample resume with questions that we would ask.


VP Of Business Development

Led and managed sales/technical team members engaged in administering complex IT infrastructure solutions.   What was your part with the technical team?

Increased sales by over 700% in 3 years with the execution of full sales cycle processing from initial lead processing through conversion and closing. Ask, what were the sales when you start it and what were their sales when you left?  How are you obtaining or creating leads?

Sales Management

Managed sales staff, including recruitment, hiring and training. Developed project plans identifying key issues, approaches and performance metrics. Why are you applying for a position where you will have no direct reports? you’re going from managing to being managed.

Directed the large-scale development and implementation of several storage/backup & recovery solutions to meet business needs and build client loyalty. Sounds like a lot of technical work, not sales work, what am I missing?

Created implementation methodologies to control project costs and meet deadlines.

Researched new technologies. What are you doing a lot of operational and administrative work?



Sales Management, Sales Skills, Sales Certifications & IT Project Management Experience (15+ years);

Dedicated Director of Sales skilled in  building sales pipeline.  Can you explain your process of building sales pipeline? how did you work your pipeline?



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