SalesMind SoftwareQ & A


Why SalesMind Software?

Dave Kurlan’s SalesMind Software Exercises will supply you with the “missing link” between all of the sales training you’ve already learned and actually “making it yours”.   By training your mind to accept new paradigms, you will finally be able to change poor selling habits into productive ones. Overcome call reluctance, stop excuse making, and develop a closing instinct and much, much more through these special training sessions. SalesMind Software is the only training tool available to help with the mental and emotional aspects of selling.


What Makes SalesMind Software So Effective?

The ideas discussed in your SalesMind Software package are the same ones that work for the top sales professionals in the world.  Mental practice and guided mental imagery are the most effective techniques in mental training.  The SalesMind Software training sessions relax the trainee just enough to deliver the lesson directly to the subconscious mind, where behavioral change takes place. 


Research by respected scientists around the world documents the efficacy of these methods, including studies at the National Academy of Sciences Committee on Techniques to Enhance Human Performance.


Who Is Dave Kurlan?

As a principal of the Objective Management Group, a leading sales management and consulting firm, Mr. Kurlan has been involved in the training of hundreds of top sales professionals. Dave has written the popular book, Mindless Selling, and has authored countless articles and sales manuals. He may be best known for his groundbreaking work in evaluating sales people, Dave Kurlan’s Sales Force Profile.


How Do I Use SalesMind Software?

We’ve made SalesMind Software simple and easy to use.  Just place it into your CD drive and it loads automatically.  The training sessions are only 8 minutes long, so they can be done in a quick, effective manner.  Sit in a chair and click on the training session you wish to take. The subconscious training session is delivered by watching the computer screen while listening through your speakers or headphones. 


How Often Should I Do My SalesMind Software Training?

We want you to listen to these exercises as often as you can – three or four times a week.  Just as with physical training, frequent practice helps to make your skills more automatic – they’ll kick in sooner and be less effortful than you’ve experienced in the past. Frequent use of your SalesMind Software lessons will help you to retain and transfer your skills to selling effort.  Your confidence and closing strength will be solid – that is, you will not wilt under pressure.


Should SalesMind Software Sessions Be Done In Any Special Order?

Many of our users identify an area that they need to work on and take that training repeatedly to achieve more immediate results in that area.  Others start with the first session and take a different training each sitting.  Your choice.

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