Enhance Your Sales Process to Grow Sales and Revenue

By bringing accountability to the sales process, Potential Sales and Consulting Group helps provide assurance that your sales reps are bringing consistent, measurable value to your clients. Striving to enhance the entire process, we specialize in providing, among other services:

  • Executive-level sales strategies for growing sales and expansion into new territories
  • The execution and implementation of these strategies
  • Hiring and development of sales teams
  • Outsourcing of sales teams to permanent placement
  • Sales technology resources
  • Social media technology, strategy and execution

The complex task in sales development of maximizing a sales team’s potential involves a multitude of questions. Do you drive your sales culture, or do you just let it take on a life of its own? Are you utilizing the latest techniques and technology to train your sales force? Do you use business maps for mapping and routing and looking at strategies? Does your customer service team feel that they are in the business of sales, or just in the business of answering questions? And above and beyond all of this—does your company have the passion that is an essential component of any lasting, successful business?

Answering these questions—and meeting your sales targets on a consistent basis—means devising and implementing a sales plan.  To help you do this, we audit your sales process in the following areas:

  • Review your current sales process
  • Examine the selection process of new distributors
  • Break down your distribution into five tiers
  • Analyze sales contact activity per client
  • Review travel and entertainment by rep
  • Examine your sales strategic plan
  • Revise sales reps’ planned schedules
  • Review training provided to sales reps and customer service
  • And much, much more

By examining these and other facets of your sales process, Potential Sales and Consulting Group is able to work with you and your business to bring your sales team to the next level. Big or small, start-up or industry giant, your business’s longevity depends on the strength of its sales force. Your sales team may need a tune-up, or perhaps it needs an overhaul—either way, Potential Sales and Consulting Group is here and ready to help with your sales development. Get in touch with us today, and let’s see what your sales team—and your business—is truly capable of achieving.